Stock selection

For most arrowheads I get a request that starts with the weight in grains for an arrowhead.

This means that I need to come very close to the target to begin with.


lets just say that I want to know how long a bar is 100 grains.

I know 100 grains is 0.014285714 lbs

I think 3/8 inch steel looks sane.

Linear weight of steel chart.

1 inch of steel is 0.014285714 lbs

0.014285714 lbs/0.014285714 lbs=x/1

x=.4606 of an inch which is worthless.

.4606 x 16 will give you 16th of an inch. or 7.37/16th of an inch per 100 grains

many people like 125 grain arrowheads so that makes 9.2/16th of an inch will be 125 grains.

This does not account for loss in forging or grinding.

For easy reference I created this table in inches to give a length of common bar stocks in decimal and 64/ths of an inch for 125 and 200 grains.


One of my good friends wants to participate in a clout shoot at Agincourt so he let me read a bit of

"Secrets of the English Longbow" By Hugh D.H. Soar.

The the pictorial display in the book is a good starting point but I feel it is lacking in some ways.

i received a request to make a set


1) do a reverse taper on 3/4 inch of 1/2 inch round


2)Flatten that sucker out to about 1/8 inch thick or a hair thinner.


3) cut the tines

4) spread the tines ( i used the hardy hole to spread em)

5)draw the triangle for the socket out using a cross pein

and spread the socket to a bit over 1 3/4 inches wide for a 1/3 inch socket.

6) roll the socket (I NEED MORE PHOTOS)

7)cut the arrow off

8) a miracle occurs. (YES I NEED MORE PHOTOS)

I spread out the head of the arrow and ground the tines.