Clock Jack

A flickr set of photos showing the workings of 3 clockjacks I have encountered.

Items to elaborate on

  • friction wear takeup screws
  • conical bushings
  • wear takeup plates
  • fly wheel
  • friction based ratchet

Note: Special thanks to Peter Ross for his kind help.

The opera di Bartolomeo

A 1703 Reference

Mechanick exercises:Joseph Moxon

Start looking at page 39 of the book (page 50 of the google book)

or, The doctrine of handy-works. Applied to the arts of smithing, joinery, carpentry, turning, bricklayery. To which is added, Mechanick dyalling: shewing how to draw a true sun-dyal on any given plane, however scituated; only with the help of a straight ruler and a pair of compasses, and without any arithmetical calculation (Google eBook)