Norse Hinges

Historical Basis:

Norse style box hinges is a bit of a misnomer. These are a simple style of hinge which can be done with several variations and have been found in in the mastermyr find , copergate find and several others.

I will be going through some of the options for this piece as we go.

Tools and Material:

You will need a piece of 1/4"x3/4" for this project probably 2-3 feet long

A hole punch (drill is an option)

Some hand forged nails


  1. Snub nose/half-penny roll (for a better view goto iforge iron)
  2. taper and flatten
  3. cut
  4. make tang
  5. sideways bend
  6. Snub nose roll
  7. taper and flattern
  8. cut
  9. center taper
  10. belly roll