Hand Washing Station


Toilet float

Car pedal

Square pipe

solid square bar that fit in square pipe

Nuts and bolts

little 2x4

2 gator aide bottles

wood screws

1/4 x 4inch screws

2 1/4 inch wing nuts

a cheap copper fruit vase from scrap yard

jb weld

1 copper nipple

a drain hose adapter to nipple

whatever plumbing it took to connect the garden hose to the toilet float

Please realize I would not do this the same way again.

I would make this far far simpler by attaching a rop to the pedal with a SMALL loop of bungee

I would use the heaviest ball vavle with a long handle I could find.

then I would bungee the valve handle so that it turned off the ball valve when the pedal is released