Carving horse

The no slip carving horse is based on the problem I have found where the carving horse on many vices tends to fall into the opening of the vise. To address this I have welded 4 metal loops to the underside of the carving horse so that when you slip the laces around the back jaw and add a weight to the loop it cinches to the back jaw and makes for a much more stable carving horse.


  • 4 fence staples (degalvanized or use use shaped pieces of steel)
  • 2 pieces of angle heavy angle iron about 2 inches wide on a side
    • one cut about 2 inches wider than the width of the vise jaws
    • one cut about twice the width of the angle iron
  • One Shoe lace or piece of cord


  1. Take the four fence staples and clamp them in the vise and bend the last 1/4 inch to make an L shape
  2. Weld the fence staples to the carving horse so that they fit to the vise you want to use
  3. Once the vise has cooled tie one end of the cord to the lower left loop and run it through the inside of the upper right(as seen in the top photo). The cord should then go through the left hand side of the top left loop and be tied to the lower right hand loop.
  4. let the long loop hang from one side of the vise and suspend a weight in the loop. (I have used an extra angle grinder or a hammer for this weight)